Hire a Hypnotist

A Derren Brown style Mind Reader as well (see 'Shows' section), Kris the comedy stage hypnotist remixes reality as we know it. Hypnotised, the volunteer’s imagination is unlocked; fantasy becomes reality as their comical hypnotic alter ego takes over. Audience participation is one element that makes Stage Hypnosis show's unforgettable; under hypnosis the transformation is unbelievable with their performance remembered for years to come.

Kris - hypnotistNothing involves an audience more than a comedy stage hypnosis show; the laughter is non-stop where the participants are truly the stars of the show.

Kris von Sponneck

This hilarious comedy stage hypnosis show for hire is ideal for ALL events that demand high quality hypnotic entertainment.

Check out the 'Gallery' section with over 100 pictures of comedy stage hypnosis fun that includes pictures of the Queens Grenadier Guards that were hypnotised by Kris in 2009.

Prepare to be hypnotised and mesmerised; it will be impossible to contain your laughter with this amazing comedy stage hypnosis show that is for hire throughout the whole of the UK.

"I've seen a lot of Hypnotists and he is one of the best"
- Jodi Marsh