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He’s very approachable so why not get in touch today to hire Stage Hypnotist Kris for your event:

Telephone (within the UK)

07776 062380 (call from 8am to 11pm)

For a free call back, please text the above number or fill out the contact form below

Telephone (if outside the UK)

44 7776 062380 (call from 8am to 11pm)Hire Stage Hypnotist Kris


Mind in Motion Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ.






As prices vary due to venue location, please complete the contact form below. A quote with availability and price will be sent shortly. Please note that all shows come with a quality P.A system as standard.


Cash, cheque, paypal and all major credit/debit cards (via telephone). A deposit of £50 to secure the date upon booking with the balance of the Stage Hypnotist show due 7 days prior.

For more information about Kris, click here. For Kris’s official website, click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST.

He is one of Europe’s most experienced Stage Hypnotists that guarantees that all parts of the Stage Hypnotist show will be conducted in a professional manner ensuring everyone’s safety combined with a laugh out loud show.

As well as a Stage Hypnosis shows, he is a Derren Brown style Mind Reader that at no extra cost will perform as a part 1 of the whole show, adding value to your Stage Hypnotist show booking. It will double the overall show duration. For more information regarding this, please email or give him a call today.

Hire Stage Hypnotist, he has been Hypnotising audiences since 2004, hypnotizing 1000’s along the way. Many other Stage Hypnotist claim to be working as a Stage Hypnotist for a similar time having only performed a handful of Stage Hypnosis shows. Kris’s period of experience can be verified via checking the information regarding this domain name. You will see it was registered in 2004.

His experience is vast on the whole topic of Hypnosis, being trained in-depth as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (he is a Senior therapist with the GHSC) guaranteeing all areas of the psyche will be taken into consideration whilst performing his Stage Hypnosis show.

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