“Good entertainment” – Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard – Lost)
“Amazing” – Bianca Gascoigne (Celebrity Big Brother)
“That was good!” – Mark Morrison (Singer – Return of the Mack)
“Amazing” – Paul Nichols (Actor – Joe Wicks, Eastenders)
“I’ve seen a lot of Hypnotists and he is one of the best” – Jodie Marsh (TV Personality)

Have you ever wanted to become a Mind Reader or Comedy Stage Hypnotist?

Maybe you are a Hypnotherapist that wants to learn quicker inductions or want to just become a more complete Hypnotist to be able to do public demonstrations etc?

Just curious and fancy learning Stage Hypnotism?

Whatever your motivation, Kris  offers one-to-one Stage Hypnosis Training with a complete classroom based 3 day course held in Ruislip (Middlesex) or anywhere in the UK / Worldwide (price available on request).

Learn how to be a Comedy Stage Hypnotist with one of Europe’s most experienced Stage Hypnotists that is also a registered & qualified Senior Hypnotherapist with the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). The truth of Stage Hypnotism, how it actually works, every viewpoint & angle will be explained in full which to his knowledge has not been shared up to now.

Areas included in the Stage Hypnotism course:

  • THE REAL TRUTH TO HOW & WHY IT WORKS (most Hypnotists either do not know or realise the real psychological state the subject / volunteers are in). This is explained in full, every fine detail. When you know fully how it works you can be more effective & more powerful as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist.
  • Various Hypnotic Inductions including rapid inductions and the hand clasp routine
  • Choosing your best subjects from the available volunteers
  • Creating your own stage persona
  • Sound and lighting / PA  equipment
  • Marketing and promoting yourself as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist
  • How and when to use ‘props’ within the show
  • Extra source of income via hypnosis including group stop smoking sessions
  • Routines & skits that always gain laughter
  • Getting a foot in the door of agents and venues
  • Insurance & the law
    ….and so much more from one of the most experienced Comedy Stage Hypnotists in Europe.

The problem with most/all Stage Hypnotism courses is that they teach that if you ‘do abc’ then ‘xyz’ will happen. You will be taught on a typical Stage Hypnotism course how to induce hypnosis and how to deliver suggestion, how to manage them and how to take them out of hypnosis. Great, job done.

But…what if it all goes wrong? And it does.

If any Stage Hypnotist says otherwise they are ‘saving face’. If you fully understand how and why it actually works, you will be fully equipped to deal with any abreaction (a negative physiological or psychological response due to the hypnotism or process you are undertaking) or any part of the show that is not going you way (as the Hypnotist). Equipped with the proper know how and true understanding of how from a psychological aspect it works, you can turnaround any situation to your benefit so you can continue the show and get rebooked.

Here is a fact…there are thousands of people that have read Stage Hypnotism books, seen Stage Hypnosis DVD’s, that have been on Stage Hypnosis courses, have then gone out there and performed a Stage Hypnosis show and simply ‘died on their feet’. It was the worst and humiliating experience they have ever come across and have never attempted to do it again. Kristian has heard the many stories in his time. They were ill equipped and did not have the tools or proper understanding or simply did not know the true and real reason as to why it works.

It is very stereotypical to say ‘you will learn this guarded secret’ but this is the case. I can confidently say there are not many Stage Hypnotists (if any) that know how it really works and this understanding has only come after hypnotising thousands and speaking at length to the subjects/volunteers after the show. Having pushed my volunteers to limits in a way that others worldwide have not ever managed, its this experience and knowledge that has got results that other Stage Hypnotists can only dream of doing.

You can too…

Email info@experthypnosis.co.uk for prices and further details.