Stage Hypnotist London Kris.

You are now on A corporate company before a Stage Hypnotist London show with Kristhe website of one of Europe’s most experienced Stage Hypnotists. Kris will perform a Stage Hypnosis show that is conducted in a safe manor whilst at the same time a hilarious show you will remember for a very long time. A show where your colleagues, friends or guests will do things that they (hopefully) do not do in everyday life. Your chance to be the star of the show…he will make you famous for the night!
Stage Hypnotist London, Kris is based in London and as one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists, he is your perfect choice for your Comedy Stage Hypnotist event whether you are in central London or the outskirts of London (or anywhere in the UK or worldwide).
Stage Hypnotist London Kris

There are many Stage Hypnotist London and the UK but none that offer the experience that Kris does. A fully insured Stage Hypnosis show London (its where he lives) that naturally offers Stage Hypnosis and as well, Derren Brown style Mind Reading as well! Yes, he does what both Paul McKenna does and Derren Brown…a jack of two trades and master of two!

As a London entertainer, to achieve the above, he uses hypnosis, psychology, persuasion, memory skills, body language and sometimes some good old trickery to what seems to be the impossible

The norm for Stage Hypnotism is a Stage Hypnotist show, naturally performed on a stage or designated show area. He can also entertain your guests whether it be close up at your tableside or strolling around your guests. Also performs mind reading and mentalism (also known as clairvoyance, mind magic, psychological illusions, ESP (extrasensory perception) and psychological magic). In short, your guests will be left astounded and thoroughly entertained by a professional Stage Hypnotist London entertainer.

A master of hypnosis in all aspects, your Stage Hypnotist Kris will mesmerise and astound the audience. He will allow the volunteers to explore their subconscious mind, their entertaining part of their mind ready to entertain the audience with things they (hopefully) don’t normally do on a daily basis. This is their chance to be the star of the show which, they do in amazing style.

The Stage Hypnotist London show can last anything from 1-2 hours in duration with the ability to also entertain guests prior to the main show with strolling/mix and mingle Mind Reading. A naturally outgoing and entertaining individual, he will amaze and astound the most hardest of audiences, nobody will not laugh at the laugh out loud entertainment that takes place.

He comes (if necessary) with a PA system to cover audiences up to 1000 or with a bag of everyday props where he can entertain small number whether it be before or after dinner or simply before the main Stage Hypnosis show. Professional, experienced, safe…beware as when he performs, a devilish side appears.

Contact Kris now for your next Stage Hypnotist show London, and the price for a self contained will pleasantly surprise you. If you are located in London and require a Comedy Stage Hypnotist at your next hypnotism event, his Stage Hypnosis shows are funny, ethical and safe.

If you also have ever fancied learning how to Hypnotise someone on the stage, Kris also runs Stage Hypnosis Training. Click here for further details.

A corporate entertainer and wedding entertainer specialist, Kris will also perform at theatres, university functions (balls and fresher’s events, trade shows and high end private parties etc.

If you wish to visit Kris’s official page, click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST. For more information about the different types of shows he offers, click here

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