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Some random frequently asked questions about stage hypnosis which you may find useful when thinking about booking a Stage Hypnotist.

I see you are a corporate event entertainer, can you perform at weddings or other events?

A corporate entertainer, I will also perform at weddings, university functions and trade shows etc.

As a performer, do you come with a PA system or does this need to be booked separately?

Whether it be the Mind Reading, Mentalism or Hypnotism show, the correct PA system will accompany me based on the information given at the time of booking. My PA system will cover up to 800 people and will be a top brand to ensure quality of vocals. If no PA system is needed, there will be a small discount given for the booking.

Is Hypnotism used in the Mind Reading / Mentalism show?

Unless you have specifically booked a Stage Hypnotism show, no. Suggestion and persuasion is used with the Mind Reading and Mentalism shows. This is arguably an element of Hypnosis but as far as traditional trance goes, no. That’s left for ‘the Stage Hypnotism show’ where the volunteers do comical sketches under Hypnosis as opposed to having their thoughts read and other mind-bending psychological demonstrations. The two shows can be combined.

So in a Mind Reading or Mentalism show, will my personal secrets I hold in my head be broadcast to the audience?

No, in each demonstration it is clearly stated what will be taking place, nothing personal or ‘dark’ will be asked.

Can you contact the dead?

Surprisingly a common question! No, absolutely not.

What countries will you perform at?

I am based in London, and will work anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

What language is the show performed in?

Regardless of what country the performance is in, it will always be in English.

Is Stage Hypnotism & Mind Reading (Mentalism) suitable for my event?

If you are tired of the same entertainment year in year out and have not experienced Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism and Mind Reading live then this is the time for something other than the norm. Intriguing, an understatement. With the Hypnosis…..hilarious!

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on your location, size of the audience, what equipment is needed etc. Contact me via the contact page for a quote; I do offer special rates for non-peak nights (Sunday – Thursday).

As the hirer, what do I have to provide ?

Simply a minimum of 6 chairs (with backs) and a clear, designated area to perform. Oh, and some volunteers!

Is a stage necessary for the show?

It is an advantage but not necessary. A clear designated performance area will be needed to perform from.

Is Stage Hypnosis safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe if performed by a professional.

As a Stage Hypnotist, are you suitably qualified?

There is no recognised ‘qualification’ available in Stage Hypnotism. Anyone can claim to be a Stage Hypnotist with no prior training or experience.

Can everyone be Hypnotised?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotised as long as they want to be and have an ability to concentrate as everyone goes into natural altered (otherwise known as ‘trance’) states at some point throughout day-today life. It is not appropriate for children under the age of 18, people with certain mental disabilities, pregnant women or anybody with any known psychological or physiological problem.

In stage hypnosis, what is the ‘trance state’?

The trance state is simply an altered state of awareness, in which the subject’s attention is focused on inner resources. Although everyone’s experience of trance is slightly different, you’ll always feel both comfortable and relaxed, and may experience a pleasant sense of ‘drifting’ and detachment from your surroundings.

I consider myself ‘headstrong’ and intelligent; can this still work for me?

This is a very common question. If you are intelligent then this is a bonus, as you need to concentrate to allow this process to happen. If you have imagination and are prepared to act out in your mind what I will ask you to do then this will simply work. This is essentially self hypnosis with me only guiding your mind.

If I am a volunteer within the show, will I remember what happened?

You should be able to recall most or at least some of what happened. There may be patches that are ‘sketchy’, but this is only due to the mind naturally wandering onto other ideas and thoughts.

How long does the show last ?

I can tailor the show to last between 1 – 2 hours. For options about all the different shows I perform, click > here <.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some points to consider when choosing your Hypnotist…

  • Stage Hypnosis (and Hypnotherapy) is not Government regulated so please be careful with the entertainer you book. Stage Hypnosis is safe with a competent and experienced Hypnotist but in the wrong hands, problems  may occur.
  • So many Hypnotists claim to be ‘The Worlds Quickest’ amongst other bold claims of ‘1000’s hypnotised’ (when they have just ventured out with hypnotism and are ‘testing the water’). As much as everyone has to start somewhere, DON’T LAND UP BEING SOMEONES GUINEA PIG. I went from a therapist to performing on stage so the transition was smooth as I knew how to induce hypnosis safely and how to deal with any issues (abreactions) that may arise.

In short, in the wrong hands hypnosis CAN directly or indirectly cause harm. The main criteria in my opinion is experience. Like learning to drive, anyone can learn to hypnotise someone, its what you do and how you treat it is the main problem.

Having performed Stage Hypnosis since the early 2000’s, I combine comedy and safety with my shows. Over the years many have popped up on the scene having read a book or watched an internet course which just spells out trouble. Your guests, colleagues, friends…yes, we all want to laugh but not at someone’s LONG TERM expense. There are procedures within the show that you have to take in order for them to be happy after the show with no damage to the psyche. I have yet to see a course which covers this.

All stage hypnosis shows or stage hypnosis training can be paid for by all major credit cards via Stripe payment services or PayPal. Visit the store section of this website for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions |

If you like it that much, I can train you on how to do a whole 1 hour performance! Click the following link Stage Hypnosis Training

For information about myself, click the following link >Kris von Sponneck <

For my Instagram page, click > Stage Hypnotist Instagram <

*Please note that I do not claim any ‘psychic’ or ‘woo-woo’ powers. The mind reading that is demonstrated in the mentalism performances is achieved via a combination of body language, suggestion, psychology and old fashioned trickery.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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