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If you want to know more about Stage Hypnosis whether it to book a show or be trained in Stage Hypnosis, you can with Kris, one of Europe’s most experienced Comedy Stage Hypnotists.

“Good entertainment” – Tove Lo (Swedish Pop Star)
“Amazing” – Bianca Gascoigne (Celebrity Big Brother)
“That was good!” – Mark Morrison (Singer – Return of the Mack)
“Fantastic” – Paul Nichols (Actor – Joe Wicks, Eastenders)
“I’ve seen a lot of Hypnotists and he is one of the best” – Jodie Marsh (TV Personality)

Stage Hypnotist for private hire in LondonAbout Stage Hypnosis with Kris Anthony, UK & worldwide. You read plenty about Stage Hypnosis on this page.

But, if you have never seen a stage hypnosis show before, what is it all about. Is it safe? Will I cluck like a chicken? Will I remember all? Is stage hypnosis even real????

First off, its a natural state that each and every one of us fall in out of naturally throughout the day at different times, in a show you are just specifically guided and the state enhanced with the appropriate methods used. One example of this, when you drive at night time and your mind wanders on another thought….your driving then becomes a subconscious action (as opposed to a conscious action) so you therefore run on autopilot. You arrive home, maybe sustained long period of non conscious realisation has taken place where you do not remember the rest of the journey you cannot consciously recall. You don’t remember stopping at the traffic lights, navigating…slowing down at the speed camera etc. But you did. You were simply running on auto pilot.

Another everyday example….when you watches a sad film and tears run from your eyes, you know its not real but your mind has been wrapped around events of the film and a physiological action has taken place from your thoughts.

When a Stage Hypnotist for private hire takes your imagination, its guided to unreal situations and your mind reacts to the situations. You run on autopilot, enjoying the moment, you have fun.Stage Hypnosis with Stage Hypnotist Kris Anthony

Is it safe….yes, only if conducted by a Stage hypnotist or private hire that is experienced. Anyone can say they are a Stage Hypnotist, you can do courses, you can read books but the real learning is after actually conducting a show, much like driving a car. You learn to pass a test but you really learn to drive after.

Will you cluck like a chicken? Maybe! The sketches that are in the show vary….its rare that this is done but you never know!

When a stage hypnosis show finishes, you tend to remember most, sometimes nothing, sometimes patchy….but you will always have had a good time.

And is Stage Hypnosis real? A Hypnotherapist will say no but they are only trying to distance themselves between entertainment and therapy. And, a Hypnotherapist generally cant get there head around the idea of how quickly a stage hypnotist can rapidly induce the hypnotic state. Yes, the Stage Hypnotist has the luxury of multiple volunteers but the Hypnotherapist still has the issue. You will see this written on many websites and yes, both practices are the same. A Stage Hypnotist has a stage, a Hypnotherapist a consulting room. A Stage Hypnotist has volunteers, a Hypnotherapist a client. A Stage Hypnotist will induce a formal Hypnotic induction, the Hypnotherapist the same. Once hypnotised, the Stage Hypnotist will ask the hypnotised volunteer to do something they don’t (hopefully) normally do like cluck like a chicken. A Hypnotherapist will do the same in the context of changing unwanted behaviour. Hypnosis is then reversed by both. See the similarity? Well, its the same.

Stage Hypnotism at it’s best, Kris, a top Stage Hypnotist remixes reality as we know it. Hypnotised, the volunteer’s imagination is unlocked; fantasy becomes reality as their comical hypnotic alter ego takes over. Audience participation is one element that makes Stage Hypnosis show’s unforgettable; under hypnosis the transformation is unbelievable with their performance remembered for years to come.

Nothing involves an audience more than a Comedy Stage Hypnosis show using Stage Hypnotism; the laughter is non-stop where the participants are truly the stars of the show. This hilarious comedy stage hypnosis show for hire is ideal for ALL events that demand high quality hypnotic entertainment.

Prepare to be hypnotised and mesmerised; it will be impossible to contain your laughter with this amazing comedy stage hypnosis show that is for hire throughout the whole of the UK and beyond.

Stage hypnosis is undoubtedly funny. If you want a Stage Hypnotist for private hire, you have come to the right place. Kris has been a Stage Hypnotist since 2004, please explore the rest of this site as all you have ever needed to know about Stage Hypnosis is here.

Requirement of Hirer:

With stage hypnosis (not the mind reading show), the only requirement of the venue/hirer is a minimum of 6 chairs and a designated area to perform. The chairs must be stable with support for the back (not stools); otherwise, it is a fully contained show.


With over 100 people in the UK claiming to be Stage Hypnotists, only a small percent are FULLY insured. Please note that standard Public Liability insurance doe’s not cover the volunteers while in ‘trance’, this has to be purchased separately at a high annual cost.

Stage Hypnosis (and Hypnotherapy) is not Government regulated so please be careful with the entertainer you book. Stage Hypnosis is safe with a competent and experienced Hypnotist but in the wrong hands, problems may occur.
So many Hypnotists claim to be ‘The Worlds Quickest’ amongst other bold claims of ‘1000’s hypnotised’ (when they have just ventured out with hypnotism and are ‘testing the water’). As much as everyone has to start somewhere, DON’T LAND UP BEING SOMEONES GUINEA PIG. Kris went from a therapist to performing on stage so the transition was smooth as he knew he to induce hypnosis safely and how to deal with any issues that may arise.
In short, in the wrong hands hypnosis CAN directly or indirectly cause harm. The main criteria in my opinion is experience. Like learning to drive, anyone can learn to hypnotise someone, its what you do and how you treat it is the main problem.

A corporate entertainer and wedding entertainer specialist, Kris will also perform at theatres, university functions (balls and fresher’s events, trade shows and high end private parties etc.

For more about Kris, click here. For Kris’s official page, click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST.

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