Stage Hypnotist Birmingham – Hypnotist Kris, one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists.

In Birmingham and looking for a Comedy Stage Hypnotist? Kris will mesmerise any audience with his hilarious show. A show where your under his spell, colleagues, family, friends or guests will do the funniest and strangest of things.Stage Hypnotist Birmingham Kris

As well as performing as a Stage Hypnotist, Kris is also an experienced ‘Derren Brown style’ Mind Reader. This can be added to the Stage Hypnosis show as a before performance to extend the show from 1-2 hours or as strolling/mix and mingle Mind reading with individuals or groups within a wedding day, corporate drinks or as after or before dinner entertainment. He is flexible and can adjust his performance for your evening in many ways.

The Queens Guards Hypnotised by Kris

Stage Hypnotist shows are safe, hilarious and intriguing. Having Hypnotised thousands, you can be assured of a professional experience. From the first point of contact, you will be dealt with a professional attitude by a seasoned Hypnotic performer. He has Hypnotised many celebrities and many notable people including the Queens Guards in 2009.

Its your chance to be the star of the show…I’ll make you famous for the evening! You will be laughing out loud as they will be Stage Hypnotist Kris before Hypnotising Tove Lodoing hilarious things they don’t do (hopefully) in everyday life.

All shows can be tailored in everyway, whether it be a clean family show, a slightly more risqué one or a Stage Hypnotist show that is strictly for adults. It is agreed at the time of booking how the show will be conducted and what type of appropriate humor will be used. Kris has never had a complaint afterwards.

To learn more about the different types of shows performed, click here. For Kris’s official page click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST.

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