Stage Hypnotist Cardiff, Hypnotist Kris.

Having Hypnotised Stage Hypnotist Kristhousands across the UK and beyond, Kris as a Stage Hypnotist has mesmerised audiences with his laugh out loud Stage Hypnosis shows, shows were the volunteers have been the stars of the show.

Do you want entertainment where the whole of the audience will laugh? Its funny, intriguing…even the volunteers will have a great time. Stage Hypnosis has been around for many years, and for good reason….it’s funny.

As well as a Stage Hypnotist, Kris is a ‘Derren Brown style’ entertainer, a world class Mind Reader that performs extreme mental feats and demonstrations of the power of the human mind. As a Mind Reader (also known as a Mentalist), he performs for individuals, small groups, at tableside or as a full stage show doubling the time from 1-2 hours when combined with the Stage Hypnotist show. Strolling performing (also known as mix and mingle) is great for before dinner or after dinner entertainment, at corporate or wedding events, university or any private parties. Kris is a versatile performer and he can adjust the show performance to you event. For more about Mind Reading click the following link Mind Reader or his Stage Hypnotist Cardiff KrisStage Hypnosis training page. 

His fully insured Stage Hypnosis show will amaze and astound, your guests, family, colleagues or friends will enjoy being the stars of the show, they will finish performing with that feel good factor, feeling refreshed having had a good time.

Stage Hypnotist Cardiff Kris

Kris will bring his show to Cardiff and has done many times in a long career as a Stage Hypnotist. He is a full time professional (he works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist during the day) so be rest assured, all volunteers are handled with respect and care. In an industry riddles with cowboys, be assured that all is conducted with safety in mind.

To learn more about the different types of shows performed, click here. For Kris’s official page click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST

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