Stage Hypnotist Reading – Kris, one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists.

Stage Hypnotist Reading - KrisKris is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Stage Hypnotist trainer of the highest caliber. A professional that will make your audience laugh, cry and astounded with your colleagues, family, friends or guests doing the craziest things they normally don’t do (hopefully) in everyday life.

This is a show where the volunteers truly are the stars of the show, both the audience and Hypnotised volunteers having had an amazing time. Never has a volunteer had a bad time, they will always feel good, positive suggestions will always be given to each volunteer at the end of the Stage Hypnotism show.

As well as a Stage Hypnotist, Kris is a ‘Derren Brown style’ Mind Reader. This act and performance can be added prior to the Stage Hypnosis show, either doubling the shows time from 1-2 hours or used as strolling (also known as mix and mingle) with either individuals, groups or a whole stage audience. Mind blowing feats and demonstrations of Mind Magic, both combined making it a captivating show to remember.

As a Stage Hypnotist in Reading, he is willing to travel anywhere in the UK. He is a full time and fully insured professional with safety in mind. Whilst the Stage Hypnosis show is laugh out loud funny, care and professionalism is implemented at all times. A professional for many years who can literally claim has Hypnotised thousands, whether it be a corporate event, a university fresher’s event or ball, a wedding or any type of private show, the audience will laugh…the volunteers famous for one night.

And, it is 100% safe!

For more information about the different types of Stage Hypnosis & Mind Reading shows performed, click here. For Kris’s official page click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST

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