Stage Hypnotist Leeds

Stage Hypnotist Leeds – Hypnotist Kris. After hilarious and laugh out loud entertainment that will not be forgotten for a long time? This show will never be forgotten.

Whether it be you friends, colleagues, guests or family, when you see the Hypnotised volunteers do things they don’t (hopefully) do in everyday life, it is a site that is not forgotten. It is an experience the Hypnotised volunteers will possibly forget but I’m sure will be reminded about by the amazed audience.Stage Hypnotist Leeds Kris

Its a safe form of entertainment that will simply bring laughter. And to add to the Stage Hypnotism show, Kris also performs as a ‘Derren Brown style’ entertainer, Mind Reading individuals, groups or a whole stage audience. It can be added to the Stage Hypnotist show to take it from 1-2 hours. Or, if a wedding or corporate event, used as strolling (also known as mix and mingle) entertainment that will keep people entertained through a long day or evening.

As a performer, he a combination of Derren Brown and Paul McKenna.

Kris is professional from the first point of enquiry and will answer any questions by phone or email. Performing professionally from 2004, he is now one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists cramming in a busy show schedule in the UK and beyond. As well as Stage Hypnosis and Mind Reading (also known as Mentalism), Kris is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (senior therapist with the GHSC), a Stage Hypnotist trainer and is fully insured for Stage Hypnotist shows. This will give you peace of mind with some of the negative misconceptions to do with Stage Hypnosis and will guarantee you a professional approach with all aspects of the Stage Hypnotist show.

All the different types of shows Kris can perform for your event can be found here.

For Kris’s official site, click the following link STAGE HYPNOTIST.

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